Friday, April 2, 2004

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Today's Must-Read

Strange Fruit

Or to butcher another classic song title: "What a Difference a Year Makes"

Seems the love for our "liberated" Iraqi brothers and sisters doesn't run very deep in some circles.

George W. Bush Admits His Presidency Has Been A Miserable Failure, Resigns

April Fool!

I can dream.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

This is Kool

Yall Want a Single, Korn tune, remixed featuring Howard Stern.

Follow the link, download for free. Feed your head.

And of course, props to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (scroll to right and down to see blogroll) for the tip.

From the "Power Corrupts..." Department:

Kos has the low-down on the various Republicans currently being investigated for various misdeeds. I'd have to question the sanity of any Deity that would bless these clowns in the GOP.

Current Strain on Troops Causes Some in Congress to Demand an Increase In Active Duty Troops

Read it and weep.

I have a rather different take on the matter. How about instead of trying to bump up the numbers, which will probably require a reinstatement of a draft, our leaders try a different approach to foreign policy? The only reason to have a military as large as it is now is for the purpose of building or maintaining a quasi-empire. Personally, that's an endeavor I'd prefer to see us bury once and for all.

Punk Voters Against Junior Caligula

Check out

Quick aside: some of you may recall that former Dead Kennedys frontman, Jello Biafra, liked to refer to then-Prez Ronald Reagan as "Grandpa Caligula." That was my inspiration for my new nick for old Dubya - quite fitting for a Junior who's a Caligula wannabe.

Got Kool-Aid?

All sorts of brand new flavors. Drink up, kiddies!

March 24, The Day That Bush Was Defined?

That's the thesis of this editorial. In essence, that's the day he got defined as a coward, traitor, and creep by a confluence of events.

I'd like to think he was defined a bit earlier than that, but I'll certainly accept that his definition in those stark terms was made even more salient that day.

Curious About What Richard Clarke Said at the 9-11 Commission?

Here's a transcript

Junior Caligula's AWOL Sense of Humor AWOL for Some Time

A blast from the past: Bush bombs on Letterman in early 2000.

Just reading some of the hostile "humor" of Junior Caligula towards Letterman in reference to his then-recent heart surgery has me wondering if another analogy would make some sense: maybe some of my readers recall a character from a 1970s sitcom from CBS called MASH, Frank Burns. Major Burns was this tragicomic character who was pretty much a failure who kept rising through the ranks. His incompetence as a surgeon was rather noteworthy, and in spite of a profound psychological meltdown in which he goes AWOL, Burns manages to get transferred stateside with an increase in rank to Lt. Colonel. Burns was the quintessential Republican hypocrite: a ultramoralistic Bible-thumper who was more than happy to engage in marital infidelity, tell lies, etc. when it convenienced him. Let us not forget the narcisistic sense of self-importance that Burns possessed. And then there was the Frank Burns sense humor, which was typically inappropriate, ill-timed, and generally hostile and violent. In other words, the dude was an all-around creep who portrayed himself as a man of God and country. See the parallels? In Bush's case, life imitates art.

More Reason to be Thoroughly Disgusted by Junior Caligula's War and Occupation

21 Killed in Two Days in Iraq

A two-fer from Truthout, laying out the violence in Iraq that shows little sign of letting up. People are dying and getting hurt for no good reason.

From the "If I Had To Do It All Over Again" Department"

W. Virginia Senator on Iraq: 'My Vote Was Wrong '.

Jay Rockefeller feels hoodwinked by Junior Caligula and his minions.

Clarke Testimony a Blow For Junior Caligula

Public confidence in the president’s handling of homeland security has been damaged by the testimony of former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke to the 9/11 panel this week, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll.