Sunday, April 3, 2005

Here's a survey of stories and editorials that you might not ordinarily run across

Sunday Pulse: Moral Exhibitionism and More - dishes out opinion and perspectives from some of the more obscuroid newspapers. The person behind this diary appears to be making this a daily feature, so check out America's pulse.

Good Times

Life's just a cocktail party on the streets of Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq it seems. Props to Rorschach for dredging up this gem:
One of the biggest private security firms in Iraq has created outrage after a memo to staff claimed it is 'fun' to shoot people.

Emails seen by The Observer reveal that employees of Blackwater Security were recently sent a message stating that 'actually it is "fun" to shoot some people.'

Dated 7 March and bearing the name of Blackwater's president, Gary Jackson, the electronic newsletter adds that terrorists 'need to get creamed, and it's fun, meaning satisfying, to do the shooting of such folk.' link

Elsewhere, you should read this article, Army reservist witnesses war crimes to get an idea of the organizational mindset that invites human rights abuses, such as the incidents of torture in Abu Ghraib.

Meanwhile, although Junior Caligula tries to get his fellow Americans to share his delusions regarding the situation in Iraq, the nation continues to plunge into chaos:
Insurgents assailed Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison on Saturday, launching waves of car bombs, rockets and gunfire in an hours-long onslaught that wounded 18 American GIs and 12 detainees, the U.S. military said.


The U.S. military said between 40 and 60 insurgents attacked Abu Ghraib prison, west of Baghdad. U.S. forces still maintain a base and a detainee center at the sprawling complex, which became the focus of a U.S. military abuse scandal last year when photos emerged of American troops taunting naked, contorted Iraqi detainees.

Insurgents kept up sporadic attacks for about four hours, firing rocket-propelled grenades onto the prison grounds, said Lt. Col. Guy Rudisill, the military spokesman for detention operations. Americans fired back with heavy weapons.

There was no word on any casualties among the attackers. It was unclear late Saturday whether any detainees had escaped.

The attack was larger in scale than the shoot-and-run ambushes, car bombings and suicide bombings that have characterized the guerrilla campaign against the two-year-old U.S.-led military occupation. Link

That same article, by the way, also in passing notes the continued difficulties in forming a government in Iraq. Good times are being had by all.

Quick Update: Susan Hu has an updated account of the attack on Abu Ghraib that is worth check out. For starters, the estimates of casualties (defined as wounded) has gone up since I blogged this last night.