Saturday, October 28, 2006

Israel and Apartheid

Also via Cursor:
Democratic party leaders are reportedly "rushing to repudiate" former President Carter's upcoming book on the Middle East, which accuses Israel of maintaining an apartheid system in Palestine.
Well, Jimmy's a little late to the party, but if that's really what he's writing these days, good on him I suppose. As one of a number of college students back in the 1980s who was vocally protesting South Africa's Apartheid regime, part of my education at the time was learning about the Israeli treatment of Palestinians - pertinent partially at the time as Israel was one of a small group of nations that supported the Apartheid system in South Africa (the other was of course the good ol' U S of A). Things have only grown worse for the Palestinians in the past couple decades, as Israel has continued to consolidate its land grab and has worked overtime to partition those remaining Palestinian in such a way as to deny them even the basics for survival. Unfortunately, criticism of Israel's Apartheid seems to be verbotten in the US - one gets accused of antisemitism among other things for so much as suggesting that supporting a notorious abuser of human rights is a bad thing. But so it goes. Israel is a sacred cow to both of the large US political parties, and I suspect those in the Democratic Party are only acting in their predictable knee-jerk fashion.

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