Saturday, October 28, 2006


Via Cursor:
Acknowledging that the U.S. has employed water-boarding, Vice President Cheney calls it "a no-brainer for me," after an interviewer characterized the technique as "a dunk in water." And Paul Craig Roberts asks: 'If Enron's Skilling gets 24 years in prison, how many should Bush and Cheney get?'
Well, to me, prison sentences for those responsible for allowing torture to happen - including Bush & Cheney is a no-brainer. A dunk in the water? That's what these folks think waterboarding is? Anyone falling for that needs to consider something I presented earlier this month: What Waterboarding Looks Like. There you'll see pictures of actual waterboards as well as a torture survivor's artistic rendering of the practice of waterboarding. Why don't we just call waterboarding and other forms of torture what they really are: terrorism.

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