Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A quiz

What historical political leader corresponds to the following facts?

1.) His political party once in control of the legislature passed new electoral laws which made it easier to keep the reins of power.

2.) He and members of his party used demagogic political attacks against an unpopular minority which took the form of legislation to deny those minority individuals civil rights accorded non-minority citizens.

3.) He launched an unprovoked attack against another country rationalizing it to the world as a pre-emptive defensive action against that country’s imminent attack and which would later turn out to be intentional fabrications by his government.

4.) He established the use of concentration camps mostly on foreign soil in order to incarcerate and hold incommunicado those foreigners and non-citizens whom he and his staff deemed enemies of the state.

5.) He could indefinitely imprison without charge or subsequent trial any citizen who he designated as an enemy of the state.

6.) He established an official policy of disseminating state propaganda favorable to his personal views, falsely presenting it to the world as if it had originated from a free press.

7.) He authorized the kidnapping and torture of individuals whom he thought might possess information which would be useful to his government.

8.) He used the imprimatur of a rubber stamp legislative branch to give what would have previously been illegal actions official sanction.

9.) He filled his judiciary with handpicked judges whose appointments were based solely on their party affiliation and allegiance to his political policies.

10.) He established a clandestine system of electronic eavesdropping which targeted all his country’s citizens in order to facilitate his search for any and all enemies of the state as he defined them.

11.) He used the occasion of a physical attack on a government building to justify the need to further restrict his countrymen’s civil rights and launched an undeclared and indeterminate ‘war’ against those individuals and their supporters whom he accused of the attack.

12.) He publicly repudiated the need for his country to follow the tenets of the Geneva Convention when dealing with his declared enemies.

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