Wednesday, October 4, 2006

While no one was looking

I know, the fallout from the Mark Foley "Predatorgate" scandal has been immensely entertaining; and although I enjoy a bit of schadenfreude as much as the next person it's useful to remember that the rest of the world does not revolve around Foley's misdeeds or who in the GOP knew what and when, ad nauseum.

Case in point - look what's going on in Iraq:

84 Dead, 85 Injured Tuesday in Iraq

Wednesday: 58 Killed, 187 Injured Across Iraq

Somehow I seriously doubt those killed and injured (let alone their loved ones) care too much about the shenanigans going on in Capitol Hill. And although a Congressman trying to solicit sexual favors from 16 year old boys is indeed worthy of outrage, we must wonder where was the outrage over the rape and murder of Abir al-Janabi?

While we're at it, there was a recent march on behalf of the Cuban Five.

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