Thursday, November 30, 2006

Looks like the Canadians have found their Tony Blair

“If named the Liberal Party’s leader this weekend, Michael Ignatieff would be a candidate to become [Canada’s] next prime minister.” Read all about it over at the Christian Science Monitor, if you like. Why should you care? Well, this is the same Michael Ignatieff who wrote, in 2004:

To defeat evil, we may have to traffic in evils: indefinite detention of suspects, coercive interrogations, targeted assassinations, even pre-emptive war.

Mind you, this is the prospective Liberal leader.

Nerdified link. Ignatieff's name comes up periodically in Sherene Razack's book Dark Threats & White Knights: The Somalia Affair, Peacekeeping, and the New Imperialism. What I've read suggests he has been hip to the standard New World Order narrative for quite some time: namely that the "civilized" nations of the north are confronted with savage chaos in the rest of the world and a UN that is all but impotent, hence the necessity of said "civilized" nations to resort to military means to quell the alleged "savage chaos." If he were to become the new Liberal Party leader and sometime down the road become the next Canadian PM, he'd certainly fit in well with the US approach to empire building. Hopefully the Canadian Liberal party folks will have the good sense to find someone else to lead them.

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