Friday, November 10, 2006

Postmortem Postscript

Mickey Z offers a friendly reminder for why lefties shouldn't get too excited about the upcoming Democrat majorities in Congress:

So, the Democrats have a majority in Congress. The bad times are over. The evil ones have been vanquished. Let's go ahead and declare world peace, an end to global warming, and—while we're at it—the cancellation of The O'Reilly Factor. I mean, what could be better, right? Hmm, we could also have a Democratic president to go along with a Democratic Senate and Democratic House. Can you say Hillary Rodham Clinton, boys and girls? Imagine that: A pinko by the name of Clinton running the White House with a merry band of liberals calling all the shots in Congress. How grand it would be

Well, if you want a good idea of how things may go under the above scenario, you might want to reflect back upon the years of 1993 and 1994 because that's when President William Jefferson Clinton was enjoying the "advantage" of a Democratically-controlled Congress.

In just two years, the notorious liberal managed to abandon his pledge to consider offering asylum to Haitian refugees, renege on his promise to "take a firm stand" against the armed forces' ban on gays and lesbians, and back away from his most high-profile campaign issue: health care. He also signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), increased the Pentagon budget by another $25 billion, fired Jocelyn Elders, dumped Lani Guinier, ordered the bombing of Iraq and the Balkans, renewed the murderous sanctions on Iraq, ignored genocide in Rwanda, deported hundreds of thousands of "illegal" immigrants, and passed a crime bill that gave us more cops, more prisons, and 58 more offenses punishable by death. (All this came before the much-hyped Republican "revolution" in 1994. Can someone please explain to me why the right wing didn't like this guy?)

Oh, I remember the good old days well enough. Heck I can say proudly that I never voted for a Clinton and never will, and for damned good reason. To this day I still love to refer to the Clinton White House as the "best" Republican regime we ever had. As for why the right wing didn't like Bubba? About the best I could ever figure was that he simply didn't go far enough.

Anyhoo, by the time the much romanticized Clinton years were done, we could add what amounted to a genocidal policy toward Iraqis (which is what the economic sanctions that led to the deaths of half a million kids amounted to), a war that led to the deaths of many civilians in the Balkans, welfare "reform" that only led to additional families being consigned to desperate poverty, ad nauseum.

Yeah, it was paradise. Again, as I've said before and will say again, any left worth its salt needs to think outside of the two party system that we currently have.

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