Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yet another unhinged racist celebrity on a rampage

This is just pathetic:

That is Michael Richards, who until this weekend would have likely been remembered as Kramer on the hit tv series Seinfeld, and little else. I'm just trembling with anticipation for the "I was drunk" or "high on crack" excuse that will inevitably make its way to all the entertainment "news" shows.

I used to love catching stand-up comedy acts, in part because of the hecklers. Now, most hecklers make asses out of themselves, but occasionally you'll find some who are every bit as witty as the best comedian. Usually they just make asses out of themselves. A good comic can take whatever hecklers might throw at them and turn it around in a way that gets the audience laughing with the comic and at the hecklers - I have yet to see any context in which showering a heckler or hecklers with racial epithets would be even remotely funny.

The video apparently was taken via the miracle of modern cell-phone technology - not the best quality in the world, but it pretty well captures the essence of what went down. It's kind of like driving past a gruesome car accident scene - you don't really want to look but you can't help yourself. Few things are more pathetic than a comedian losing his or her cool.

I'll have to say that I'd be kind of curious to catch one of his shows in the near future. An easily unhinged racist "comedian" makes for a heckler's paradise, and I'm willing to bet that Michael Richards will get some serious hecklers who'll know just the right buttons to push, unless he decides to limit himself to doing KKK meetings.

This incident will deservedly follow him around like an especially smelly fart. No matter how much he tries to divert attention, someone will be pointing out to him that he still stinks.

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