Tuesday, November 7, 2006

You know it must be election time when...

the GOP is up to its usual voter suppression tactics. Check out the video:

Tim Daly from Clarendon got a call saying that if he votes Tuesday, he will be arrested. A recording of his voicemail can be found online at: www.webbforsenate.com/media/ph one_message.wav

The transcript from his voicemail reads:

"This message is for Timothy Daly. This is the Virginia Elections Commission. We've determined you are registered in New York to vote. Therefore, you will not be allowed to cast your vote on Tuesday. If you do show up, you will be charged criminally."

Daly has been registered to vote in Virginia since 1998, and he has voted for the last several cycles with no problem. He has filed a criminal complaint with the Commonwealth's attorney in Arlington.
George "Macaca" Allen is desperate, I suppose. In any event, my suggestion wherever you may live is that if you're getting automated voicemails like the above, someone's trying to play you: go ahead and vote and go ahead and report the offending message to the appropriate authorities.

My little corner of the US is pretty uneventful this go-around. We haven't had to deal with any of that nonsense, nor have we been saddled with touch-screen voting machines as of yet.

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