Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blame the universities

When all else fails, the wingnuts blame the universities. If one were to believe the rantings in the lte section of the Amarillo Globe, one would be convinced that universities are filled with commies poisoning young minds. Basically, all these particular letter writers do is to more or less parrot what folks like David Horowitz and Ann Coulter have screeched at 'em for years. In addition to being woefully inaccurate (I can count the grand total of one legit Marxist professor from my undergrad days, and I went to a large state university in California!), there's a current of elitism to these letters. To wit, according to this sad bunch, college students are simply not capable of thinking for themselves and are in need of wingnut protection from the evil commie profs. Here's a hint for anyone who buys that line of b.s.: college students are, with very few exceptions, adults with an enormous capacity for thinking critically of whatever informed (or uninformed) opinion a prof. might offer up. Even among the younger of today's college students, we profs simply don't have much influence on their attitudes and opinions relative to other factors such as exposure to peers coming from different socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. If the wingnuts really wish to protect the young 'uns, they should either keep them out of college or encourage them to go to places like Bob Jones University, where the curricula and the students will keep it right-wing and white.

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