Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blogging trials and tribulations update

Well, looks like the problem with the original blog at the old account has been solved. Blogger kindly resurrected it, and once I republished it, bam, there it was. I put up a post that points to the new blog. I'll be leaving the old version up as a pointer and archive, but will not be adding any further new content there. I still would suggest that those who have not updated their blogrolls do so, if for no other reason as to avoid having to click on to yet another link to get to here.

I think it's also a pretty safe bet that I will not be migrating the old account. There's no longer any need, nor do I want the hassle.

A little something down the road: I'm starting to learn drupal (there's a lot to learn btw), as I got an account based on its platform and will be playing around with it as time permits. I may very well be announcing a newer and better blogging project in the upcoming months. Stay tuned...

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