Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Quick progress report: Rumors of this blog's demise are premature!

Like a phoenix, this blog rises from the ashes. I've now got over a half year of archives back into place - just under three years to go! To those who've updated their blogrolls, many thanks. If I'm not mistaken, Nezua was the first to do so (sorry, man, no prize). Also, to anyone coming here from Avedon Carol's excellent blog The Sideshow, welcome and enjoy your visit.

I'll keep inserting more old archived posts as time permits, as well as fixing the occasional broken link that may appear (thankfully I don't often self-reference, so that should be minimal). I keep wanting to spend the break doing some rather novel activities, such as spending some time with the family, so some of the rebuilding process here will take a back seat. If Blogger figures out how to make the remains of the old version of this blog visible, that will certainly help matters out tremendously. That said, this is truly the new home for TLEOTD, the one where all new material will be presented.

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