Monday, December 11, 2006

stuff to read

McKinney and Karpinsky: Silenced for Telling the Truth cuts to the chase. While we're at it, McKinney's still right: something is terribly wrong in America.

GNN has some news that might have gone under the radar: If You Knew. In reviewing the state of the Mumia Abu Jamal case 25 years on, the article has a quote that is sadly on-target:
Only in America could a trial judge say “I’ll help them fry the Nigger,” and be considered fair.
In the government idiocy department: meet the new bosses, not much better than the old ones. The incoming chair of the House Intelligence Committee (the same guy that would like to put another 30,000 bullet-stoppers in Iraq) can't answer a simple question about Al Qaeda. Oh yeah, Rahm Emanuel apparently knew more about the Congressional Page scandal than he let on. Not cool. And one wonders why a fair subset of the US population doesn't trust either of the two parties that currently have a stranglehold on power.

Hey, did you know there were 2 million anti-government protesters in Beirut, Lebanon yesterday? If you didn't you weren't alone.

Monica Hill sez to beware the hype about sending UN troops to Darfur.

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