Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yet another reason I would never vote for Hillary in a million years

With a major story about racism and police brutality in NYC and more and more evidence that the Iraq war is FUBAR, on what matter do you suppose the Dems' 2008 nominee hopeful Hillary Clinton would focus her energies? Videogames. Yup. videogames. Of all the stupid....Let's put it this way: one of the reasons I never have and would never vote for Al Gore is because of his wife, Tipper, who made her claim to fame by spearheading efforts to censor rock lyrics. The thought of Tipper having a national platform to preach about Dead Kennedys or Tupac lyrics simply makes me ill. The thought of yet another one of these triangulating "New Democrats" having a bully pulpit for pandering to our nation's wannabe censors and busybodies is not going to sit well with me either. Well, I've never voted for a Clinton and barring some sort of major brain injury never will.

This nation faces issues that are so pressing as to make all the talk of rating cds or videogames entirely frivolous.

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