Saturday, January 20, 2007

The "Surge" and Iran

Something that jumped out at me:
Recall that, according to the neocon-friendly New York Sun, Bill Kristol was urging the White House back in September to obtain from Congress an Authorization to Use Military Force against Iran when the Republicans still controlled Congress, and he even argued that doing so was the only way to swing the election in favor of the Republicans. The people who want a surge are the same people who want a war against Iran, and the latter is what is driving the former. It is all part of the same worldview and agenda and it is one the President has embraced.
My emphasis added. One question to be asked, of course, is the extent to which the current US Congress will be complicit in any future war crimes committed against Iranians. As there is plenty of overlap between the current Congress and the Congressional sessions complicit in war crimes against Iraqi and Afghan people, I wouldn't exactly hold out a lot of hope for a change now.

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