Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blogging around

Quiet day today - mainly dealing with shoveling quite a bit of snow - let's just say that with these winds, 5-7 inches of snow translates into 2-feet-deep snow drifts.

Glenn Greenwald has some pertinent observations about the psychology behind the current crop of neocons.

Catnip catches yet another example of that old imperialist itch north of the border.

Speaking of imperialism, Lenin's Tomb has a useful summary of a book called The Final Frontier - a history of early American imperialism.

Earthside points to a couple of articles on global warming. To make a long story short - overall it's gonna get a good deal warmer, with some more extreme weather thrown into the mix.

Stephen Soldz catches the latest crop of candidates for the presidency of the American Psychological Association speaking with forked tongues on the topic of psychology's role in aiding and abetting torture.

Via Skippy (inventor of the term "blogtopia"), we get reminded that being Republican means never being responsible.

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