Saturday, January 6, 2007

It's still bad in Cimmaron County

That pic taken near Boise City comes from the Pryor Daily Times. Folks there got hit by a pretty nasty blizzard last weekend, and of course it's taking forever for the snow to melt off. Last I heard there were still four families near Kenton who were trapped in their homes (though thankfully not in any immediate danger), and I understand that there are areas out that way that are still without electrical power.

One thing that I wish newspaper headlines would take into consideration is that the entire panhandle was not affected by last week's storm in the same way. The central part of the panhandle did get some snow, but it was mainly an ice storm event. As of today, the snow and ice in places like Goodwell, Guymon, and Hardesty has largely melted off - and last night's snowfall was hardly worthy of the blowing snow advisory that they were under.

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