Monday, January 22, 2007

Oklahoma GOP seeks to further alienate Hispanics

A bill that would make English the state’s official language is nothing more than a GOP attempt to arouse hated against the state’s Hispanic immigrants.

The bill, proposed by state Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson (R-Oklahoma City), would designate English as the state’s official language and would allow government agencies to offer documents in English only. The agencies, however, could choose to offer their documents in other languages as well. Some social service agencies now offer documents in Spanish as well as English. This will surely continue to happen because of the quiet but altruistic spirit of the state’s social workers.

What is apparent about this bill is that it’s simply unnecessary on any pragmatic sense. English is already the official language in the state and country. Why not just pass a bill that claims the sun is hot or water is wet or that George Washington was the nation’s first president? The bill merely plays on anti-immigration, especially anti-Hispanic immigration, sentiment among conservatives in the state.
Nerdified link. I suppose the fear of a growing Hispanic presence in our state is the one thing that the GOP can cash in on. Of course, Wilcoxson's effort only serves to make our state appear to be populated by hate-mongering cretins - in the process making it ever more difficult to get the rest of the populace to take us seriously.

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