Monday, January 1, 2007

One last weather observation

Although any time we talk about "ice storms" and "blizzards" we are ultimately talking of winter storms, I couldn't help but notice that this past weekend's storm had a spring-like quality to it. I say that mainly due to the widespread prevalence of thunderstorms throughout the panhandles prior to the ice and snow, as well as the heavy rains and in some locations hail. There were areas that got over 2 inches of rain in the panhandles (ours likely was among those or pretty darned close). The sky itself looked more like a spring storm type cloudiness. In other words, we got the sort of moisture more typical of our rainy season (spring/early summer) rather than what is supposed to be our dry season (late fall/winter). If it had been late March instead of late December, we might have been talking about tornadoes instead of ice.

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