Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Postscript: A reflection of an authoritarian America on the verge of war

The rest of the Greenwald post that I referred to is worth a look, as a reminder of the scummy level of discourse that characterized the mainstream American media in the months prior to the start of the Iraq War (aka Mess O' Potamia, or The Debacle in the Desert). The "experts" who propagandized that ensuing catastrophe didn't bother to engage critics of this government on the merits of ideas and evidence, but instead engaged in character assassinations (an example of which Greenwald provides). Let's just say that Greenwald's narrative brings back some dark memories.

I'd reckon that those who have suffered most from the nearly four years of quagmire would have plenty of words for the likes of Beinert, Goldberg, Brazille, Krauthammer, Blitzer, et al.

For Ritter, and any of the rest of us who have been vindicated from the facts on the ground over the past several years, we are left with no satisfaction - the loss in life, livelihood, and treasure have been too vast.

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