Monday, January 15, 2007

RIP Shadow:

??? - January 15, 2007

One of our cats died this afternoon. Shadow was a stray we took in early in 2003. We first noticed her hiding out in our garage just before Christmas 2002, where she'd periodically emerge to eat the dogs' food. I began leaving cat food out for her when we came back from our vacation in early January 2003, and eventually Madame and I managed to get her to trust us enough that she would come up to us.

By the time she joined the household, she was pregnant, and had a litter of four kittens (two of whom we kept), After that, Shadow was given the nickname "mamacita." We never knew her age - only that from the veterinarians that she had likely had several litters before we found her. My guess was that she was already an old-ish cat who had lived a rough existence as a stray - probably once a family pet. We'll never know.

Shadow remained a mystery to us for over four years. She never really mixed well with the other cats - at first fighting them all, then later retreating to our bedroom. Of course she did get along to an extent with her offspring, and showed some friendliness to the kitten we picked up late last year (something that caught me very much by surprise). Mostly, she hid from children, as well as any other household animal life with the exception of me and my wife. Given Shadow's eccentricities, we became her lifeline, and kept her trust.

She will be missed.

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