Friday, January 12, 2007

"From Sham to Shame" at the Chicago Artists Coalition

A bit about the show:
Woman Made Gallery opens its 2007 exhibition schedule with a timely and thought-provoking show, "From Sham to Shame: A Woman's Perspective on War and Politics", with artwork by curators Marcia Grubb and Ann Berg and juried works by 35 women.

During the first week of 2007, the death toll of U.S. soldiers reached beyond 3,000. The United States has been engaged in the Iraq War longer than its involvement in World War II. As we start a new year and reflect on these facts, we highlight a diverse group of women's responses to the conflict in Iraq and war in general. The exhibition includes artwork in all media, including painting, photography, installation, video art, and sculpture.

Artists Represented:

Amy Babinec, Phylane Norman Becker, Claire Beckett, Barbara Bruneau-Cleaver, Ginger Burrell, Mo Cahill, Christina Canzoneri, Donna Catanzaro and Gail Smuda, Esther Charbit, Mary Christopher, Mary Ellen Croteau, Melanie Deal, Nancy Delman, Nitasha Deogun, Robyn Desposito, Jenn DeWald, Elizabeth Ensz, Andrea Ginsburg, Karen Hanmer, Carrie Hoelzer, Bet Ison, Sari Kadison-Shapiro, Jennifer Kahns, Laurel Lueders, Anne Potter, Karen Rechtschaffen, Lisa Rockford, Carol Ross, Rita Salluzzi, Robin Starbuck, Jere Van Syoc, Michele Thrane, Elise Venia and Alison Williams.

For location and dates go here. Props to the blog.

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