Saturday, February 24, 2007

From the mail bag


One month from today we will mark the fourth anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death. Please join Rachel’s Words in making March 16th a day of remembrance.

Below we have descriptions of four different Rachel’s Words events. They range from a small dinner party to a large production with professional actors and musicians. There are many creative possibilities in combining Rachel’s emails with current events, candle-light vigils, street theater, theatrical readings, film screenings, direct action, report-backs, teach-ins, or coffee and conversation.

Rachel’s Words can provide resources to make organizing easier. We have Rachel’s emails online and translated into several languages. Our Myths and Facts Sheet was reviewed by Craig and Cindy Corrie and addresses the misinformation often repeated in the media. It’s available online as text or as a pre-formatted pdf and is intended to be used as a handout or a media tool.

We have video footage from our event at Riverside Church, DVDs of the documentary The Killing Zone, Rachel Corrie solidarity bracelets — and we’re building a community of people to share ideas and experience. Please contact us if we can help you organize an event, large or small. Please let us know how if you make plans to mark the day.
More can be found at Rachel's Words.

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