Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The revolution will probably be blogged,

but I won't be at a computer. One will have to wonder about the priorities of those who think the place to be is podcasting or live-blogging the revolution when/if it does happen. One has to be equally skeptical and suspicious of those who feel the need to be part of a "small clique, coterie or circle that identified the possibility for massive change and precipitated its manifestation," and who view past revolutions with a sort of romantic glance. History is littered with the corpses left behind by such folks, and I would advise watching your back if you run with that pack.

My hunch is the conditions that would precipitate revolution in any meaningful sense of the term in a nation known more for being fat and complacent will be ones completely foreign to the experience of contemporary (mostly) white, predominantly middle-class Americans. With no more running tabs (at 30% interest) to fuel the consumption of disposable consumer goods, the mood is likely to be dark indeed, and given our culture of violence, there will be a bloodletting the likes of which will make the aftermath of the French Revolution look like a schoolyard fight. It will not be the sort of santized "revolution" advertised by Howard Dean or Barack Obama. That "small clique" will no doubt be waiting like vultures at a massacre, as have other "small cliques" before them. Don't say you were not warned.

So it goes.

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