Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ya think?

Sez Matt Stoller:
It's pretty obvious at this point that the Democratic leadership isn't serious about ending the war in Iraq. They won't defund the war, and keep repeating the meme that cutting off funding for the war means cutting off funding for the troops.
File under "coulda seen this one coming a mile away." I imagine that after the dust settles, the smoke clears, [any of a number of lame metaphors of your choice], we'll find plenty o' partisan Democratic bloggers, activists, and apologists bragging about the great 2008 strategy of doing nothing and hoping the GOP implodes. Expect more pep talks about "keeping our powder dry" ad nauseum from now til the pro wrestling match that we call the Presidential election ends in a frenzy of election night revelry. If the loonies running the asylum in DC haven't managed to drive the nation off the financial cliff, maybe they'll luck out once more without too many voters catching on. Never mind the additional dead who will have accumulated between now and then. Appearing "resolute" is of prime importance in this New Age of Eternal War on Terror.

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