Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dumb and dumberer

Yes, the title is intentional. To wit, Oklahoma's own Sen. Inhofe:
"I have been called -- my kids are all aware of this -- dumb, crazy man, science abuser, Holocaust denier, villain of the month, hate-filled, warmonger, Neanderthal, Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun," he announced. "And I can just tell you that I wear some of those titles proudly."
Oh, do tell, Senator. You surely make your constituents proud.

Apparently, that little gem was from the same event where Ann Coulter called former Senator John Edwards a "faggot." Given Ms. Coulter's past (what, with here propensity for emitting racist remarks or at bare minimum plagiarizing others' racist remarks) one cannot be surprised. This is, after all, a woman with no standards to speak of. I'm sure there are more productive means of discussing Edwards' suitability for the White House (my take: he's sufficiently wed to the notion of Empire to fit in just fine, along with Obama and Clinton). Sadly, what passes for right-wing punditry is totally incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence, let alone attempt anything resembling reasoned analysis. I wouldn't dare to compare either Sen. Inhofe or Ms. Coulter to Neanderthals, however, as that would be an insult to, well, Neanderthals.

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