Thursday, March 22, 2007

For whom the Donkle tolls

It tolls for you:
The “job” for Nancy, for Rahm, for Reid, Schumer all of them, is to preserve the war (not that Bush would do otherwise) so the strange amalgam that is Hillary can, presumably, run on it.

The woman who with no shame, much less actual recognition of what it means, claims to have supported both Martin Luther King as well as Goldwater. At the same time.

Build an altar to their desires… how the Democrats work the margins is a religion, all but.

Droves of clueless rank and file, supposed liberals, supposed left, will likely vote for her. I sure cannot see her winning. And if the Democrats are as clueless and murderous as they indeed are, it does not matter.
Also via Marisacat (from the same post):
If this is in any way true… the joke really is on the progressives:
One well-placed Democratic aide said Pelosi had approached the progressives asking them to supply four votes, but that they ultimately pledged to deliver about ten.
It was unclear whether the progressives received any concessions in return.
All the spin in the world will not make any of this any better. Nancy Pelosi can take comfort in being a historical figure not only as the first female Speaker of the US House of Representatives, but also for leading the charge to squander whatever mandate the Democrats received from a war-weary public last November. Let's just say that I doubt I'll be the only one who turns a deaf ear to fund-raising overtures from the various Dem party organizations & its loosely affiliated mouthpieces in 2008. Way to go there, champs!

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