Monday, March 12, 2007

Please do this now:

Check out a new internet petition urging Congress critters to filibuster in order to end the Iraq War. Won't even take a moment. Here's the text of the petition:
Petition calling on the U.S. Senate to filibuster and end the war in Iraq

We the undersigned call on each and every United States Senator to participate in a filibuster to end the war in Iraq. It only takes 41 votes to sustain a filibuster and prevent funding requests from the Bush administration from coming to debate or a vote. The Bush administration would then have to return with a funding request that is satisfactory to the 41. That bill should include funds to bring all U.S. forces home quickly and safely but no money to prosecute the war in Iraq. Pro-war Senators used this tactic twice in February to stop non-binding resolutions condemning the so-called "surge." If pro-war Senators can use this tactic, then anti-war Senators should use it also. Right now the filibuster is the only way to end the war in a veto-proof fashion. We call upon each and every Senator to join a filibuster effort to end the loss of life and save our country.
Props to Scott Horton for the tip. This might be a small action, and of course I won't delude myself into thinking that a simple petition would be sufficient to convince any of our Senators into doing the right thing (for once). Still, any kind of collective action is better than doing nothing.

I've signed the petition. Have you?

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