Monday, March 19, 2007


darkdaughta at culturekitchen, in Western Civilization...a history of emotional dysfunction...:

Fastforward to present day. Strike that. As the colonized, living in close proximity to the colonizer on the same stolen lands for so long, I've come to the realization that their trauma became our trauma, became my family's trauma, became my trauma as soon as the ancestors of present day white people set foot on African shores so many hundreds of years ago.

Later, I also remembered Memmi and Fanon who discussed and wrote about the psychology of the colonized. I think they, too understood that the colonizer had created and nurtured madness in those they colonized. I understand colonization as the act of imposing insanity through trauma and systemic abuse. My thing is that the ancestors of the white people we know today "came" to the "new" worlds they "discovered" already driven insane by their own experience as the dominated. As with many people who experience abuse, they just decided that the best way to scrub themselves clean, as it were, was to offer that experience to others, thereby revising the hierarchies they were offered by placing others beneath them.

Fixed the link to Frantz Fanon's Wikipedia entry.

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