Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bomb Iran on Good Friday? Let's Hope Not!

The rumors have been flying for a while. The latest is that the US could begin bombing Iran as soon as Good Friday.

Certainly there has been plenty of hype over the last few months, with the recent capture of British forces in disputed waters acting as a potential "Gulf of Tonkin" moment (or what IOZ would say is more properly comparable to Gleiwitz). Of course Iran has been demonized for a while now, and among other things has been accused of smuggling weapons into Iraq (with naturally nothing in the way of solid evidence to back up the claim). The "Iran will have nukes any second" alarm has also been consistently sounded for some time, and given that the source of the claim is the same US government that lied about Iraq's mythological WMDs, I'd suggest steering clear of the hype. If for no other reason, the consequences of starting yet another war - this time against the Iranians, will amount to unleashing Armageddon. If the Iraq war hasn't already tarred the US government and society as a rogue element in the global community, bombing Iran will seal the deal. Just as with Iraq, the happy talk about surgical strikes and all that will be little more than empty words: we can count on heavy-duty civilian casualties (been there before - again, think Iraq; think Bosnia). Think $3 per gallon gas is expensive? We'll be yearning for those good old days once the Persian Gulf is effectively shut down (not just from any Iranian counter-attack, but from squeamish insurers who'll jack the rates for oil tankers that would ordinarily ship oil from the region). Economic life as we know it will be drastically affected in much of the world - with the possible exception of those fortunate enough to rub elbows with the Hiltons and the Trumps. Those least able to afford economic disruption - and are already being hit hard by rising food prices as a consequence of the ethanol boom - will be hit the hardest. In the US, I have sufficient faith in our more reactionary elements to find convenient scapegoats for the recession/depression that follows (probably "illegals", as well as anyone who looks even remotely Arab or Persian).

So it goes. Hopefully such rumors will remain just that: rumors. In the mean time, let's keep speaking out against any possible war against Iran. It's easy if you try.

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