Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hits the nail on the head

Nezua sez:
Mostly, I hope we can start reading the signs. Violence rising in both grade schools and in colleges and around the entire world. It isn't the video games, Hillary. It isn't gangsta rap, Imus-excusers. It isn't cartoons. This is a result of a long line of choices we have made and continue to make. This is due to our violent world and all the violence we allow, participate in, encourage, overlook, and ultimately, use to drive our own youth and many other humans insane. Now we get to hear the assholes in office ranting and getting righteous about this while never making the connection to their own contributions.
My emphasis added. I'm expecting the usual calls to ban firearms, censor videogame and music content, turn universities and colleges into veritable prisons (it's worked so well for the k-12 system), and other similar nonsense.

Ultimately we need to look at the cultural Zeitgeist into which we are embedded, and ask ourselves what exactly it is that we value. I really wonder at times what that is beyond money and power, and an earnest belief that if you're going down you might as well take as many others out with you as possible. Come to think of it, that seems to be the American way of conducting foreign policy. Perhaps these murder-suicides could be viewed as small-scale & short-duration versions of what our political and corporate elites have been perpetrating for decades.

See also Lenin's Tomb.

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