Sunday, April 29, 2007

¿Justicia Infinita?

The picture was snagged from Marisacat's place. It was a Spanish street painting from 2002, that pretty much says it all.

Looks like Arthur Silber is back to blogging after a bit of a haitus, and the cat is on fire. Check in particular Living Under the Guillotine's Blade. He captures the vibe of this country quite well. He's also very astutely noticed that the A-list and B-list bloggers haven't even begun to seriously voice anything even remotely resembling an orchestrated opposition to any proposed war against Iran (a war that would be even more of catastrophe than the ones currently being waged). It's at best cold comfort that some of us Z-listers will continue to act as voices in the wilderness - we noticed the guillotine's blade well before it began to drop and tried to say something. By the way, if you can kick a bit of change his way, it would be most cool.

Eric Garris at the blog spotlights an interesting candidate who emerged from the most recent Democrat party presidential nomination debate: Mike Gravel, who appears to be as close to a genuine anti-war candidate as one will find (Kucinich being the other anti-war Dem, and Ron Paul being the lone anti-war libertarian running as a Republican). Not surprisingly, there is now some scuttlebutt that Gravel might be kept out of future Democrat party debates. Wouldn't surprise me in the least, as we are At War and anyone advocating anything other than blowing someone up to smithereens simply cannot be tolerated. Never mind that public opinion has been swinging solidly against the Iraq debacle, even in spite of the finest propaganda machine money can buy. The "responsible" elites are convinced that the voters' wishes are entirely irrelevant on matters of expansion of empire, and will no doubt make certain that "progressives" will have to swallow yet another bitter pill come 2008 in the form of Clinton, Edwards, or Obama. If it comes to that, I might just write in Gravel's name for the pure hell of it.

Mickey Z plays compare and contrast with Pat Tillman and Muhammad Ali. In my book, Ali is still The Greatest.

There is a lot of great blogging on those internet tubes - make sure to check some of it out.

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