Friday, April 6, 2007

OK Dems in need of a spine transplant

Via Okiedoke:

The most glaring thing I see in the debate over this year’s state budget bill is not Republican control, or Gov. Henry’s veto, it’s that too many state Democrats still can’t find their gonads.

First came a threat from GOP leaders in the House:

… a tiny cabal would end up crafting the state budget – leaving the vast majority of lawmakers with a single, up or down vote on a nearly $7 billion spending blueprint.

No input. No give and take. It would be take it or leave it – period.

And Democrats took it. Bigtime! The entire Senate was crazy about the bill, voting 48-0. In the House, a majority of Democrats joined Republicans, 84-16, in what some called “a historic bipartisan agreement".

Wow! With that kind of bipartisan support, we must have one heck of a good budget. I guess us Okies should be proud to have Democrats and Republicans so quickly agreeing on $7 billion in government spending with so little discussion.

And that should be that. Except, then Gov. Henry got a look at it and used his veto power to strike 99% of the bill’s appropriations.

Obviously, Henry is familiar with his gonads. And with a 75% approval rating, sports a pretty big pair. But to avoid fellow Democrats from overriding his veto, Henry had to first give most House Dems a refresher course in anatomy, so they could reacquaint themselves with their own. Evidently, some of them were pleased with their find.

House Democrats pledged to vote as a group to block any attempt to override Henry’s veto.
The final budget bill may not be much different than the original, but it is worth the extra effort if it enables some Democratic legislators to reach puberty.
I'm actually surprised that Henry vetoed the bill. Unusual spine coming from him. I suppose that since he's in his last term as Governor, he feels a bit more free to confront the state's GOP. As for the rest of the state's Dem party: what a waste.

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