Sunday, April 29, 2007

A sex scandal that just might shake the status quo?

You never know. In this age of tabloid journalism and neo-Puritanical moralistic posing the latest DC scandal to hit the presses will certainly make some lawmakers, lobbyists, White House insiders, and other fellow "movers and shakers" sweat. Be implicit in war crimes and no one will bug you. Be a client of an escort service and you might just get some publicity (albeit not the good sort). I suppose to the extent that many of the folks potentially exposed in the coming days and weeks are probable "family values" poseurs, seeing them knocked off their moral pedestals will offer up some entertainment value.

That said, I really wish we Americans would just grow up a bit and accept that humans are sexual creatures and that consensual sexual encounters are an inevitability - rather than be shocked and outraged when adults satisfy their sexual needs. The notion that all humans will somehow one day seek lifelong heterosexual marital relationships is a form of wishful thinking that our culture would do well to jettison. No amount of public humiliation, legal action, or whatever punitive actions one might imagine will change the simple fact that humans never have and never will behave the way the Old Testament or other religious texts might demand. If these scandals could get a few more Americans to actually question the culture's very quirky sexual mores, that would be wonderful. I'm personally not that optimistic that such questioning will ensue.

In the meantime, let's keep our eyes on ending a set of wars that should have never been started and on preventing a potential future war against Iran. There's plenty of scandal to be found in the manner in which the current "War on Terra" was initiated and continues.

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