Monday, April 23, 2007

Today's inanity courtesy of the Bush family

Let's get this straight: Decorated Texas Vet Presents G-Dub With A Purple Heart. Yup. You read that correctly. G-Dub (lemme guess - he'll team up with K-Fed and try a hip-hop act next) was a son of privilege whose family could afford to pull strings so that he'd never actually have to receive a Purple Heart the way most folks in combat earn them. I suppose in one of those very rare appearances by his conscience, he managed to have enough cognizance of the fact that he didn't really deserve to receive on of the things, even as a gift. Yeehaw! That won't stop him and his bloodthirsty sidekicks from ensuring that many more Purple Heart recipients will be produced in an unnecessary series of war debacles under the aegis of "The War on Terra." And his dad thinks that America may be experiencing Bush fatigue (to which I say, "no shit, Sherlock.").

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