Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Buying the War" (not all of us did)

Finally got to catch up with the Bill Moyers report "Buying the War" - a report that outlines in glaring detail the extent to which the mass media was complicit in promoting the government's psy-op war against the American people in the run-up to the Iraq War debacle. From what I recall, Moyers has over the past several years been pretty consistently skeptical of the government's many false claims and equally disgusted with what passed for "journalism" during that period. You can watch the video here (hat tip to the Blog), and can find the transcript here.

Once more those of us who were against this idiotic "War on Terra" from the beginning have been vindicated - although in the wake of the human suffering caused by our White House and Congressional "leaders" in the ensuing years, such vindication merely leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. Justin Raimondo has his own summary of the sad state of American "journalism" from this decade that deserves to be read thoroughly. was (and still is) one of my first sources for news since the start of this decade, and for good reason. Raimondo and crew have been among the few voices in the wilderness to offer that much needed counterpoint to the crazed jingoism that gripped the nation at a time when doing so has been not only unpopular but downright risky.

If there were a lesson to be taken from the last several years of perpetual war it's this: be wary of the various talking heads who go on the news show circuit pushing the next "great war" and be equally wary of the mass media handling of theirs (and the government's) propaganda. A lot of the same damned talking points used to justify the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is being used to push for opening up another front in Iran. We need the skeptics more than ever.

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