Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blair quits as UK Prime Minister

And there was much rejoicing. Lenin's Tomb has a fitting post-mortem. The Socialist Worker has its own post-mortem, including Respect Party leader & MP George Galloway's assessment of a decade's worth of "New Labour."

Blair's "New Labour", much like the Clintonites' "New Democrats" were little more than reconstituted Anglo-US imperialist dogma presented in sufficiently techno-wonkish terms to make the average aspiring elitist giggle like a schoolgirl. From my side of the "Pond" Blair will be remembered as Junior Caligula's buddy who helped pave the way for the Iraq Debacle. The folks that live in the UK, of course have been given a good stiff dose of the increased socioeconomic inequities and decreased civil rights and liberties that the US has experienced to an even greater extent during the Bush-Clinton-Bush II years.

Good riddance!

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