Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brad Henry: The Lou Dobbs of Democrat Governors

Henry signs immigration bill:
Gov. Brad Henry signed House Bill 1804 today, putting into law one of the country's toughest and most sweeping immigration reform bills.

The bill will set criminal penalties for knowingly and willingly harboring illegal immigrants. No public benefits will be allowed to people who are in the state illegally, except in cases of medical emergencies or emergency aid. Businesses will need to run all workers through a federal verification system or risk penalties and legal action.

The legislation also cuts off in-state tuition for illegal immigrant students unless they can verify they have applied for citizenship or plan to within one year.
J. M. Branum puts it best:
Think about this for a second. If a church provides housing for a battered woman who happens to be undocumented, they’ve committed a crime. If a good Samaritan gives a ride to an elderly person who needs a ride to the doctor (who happens to be undocumented), they’ve committed a felony. What kind of fascist state are we living in when the works of mercy become crimes?!


I agree with LULAC. This law must be resisted but I think it is time to go a step further. I will be asking my church to issue a statement of intent to defy this law and I hope many more churches will do the same. Certainly the law should be respected but not when it violates the higher laws of God. Jesus to love your neighbor and to take care of those who need help. He didn’t say to check their immigration status first.

I also think that those state legislators (like my own State Senator Andrew Rice) who voted for this bill as supposedly a means to water down otherwise bad legislation need to come out and say so publicly. I understand that legislative compromises are sometimes necessary but when it comes to straight up racist legislation that sends a message of hate, I think at the very least they can explain themselves publicly and better yet apologize to the people for giving into the haters.
I'm guessing the next time Gov. Henry (or the apparent darling of OK progressives these days, Andrew Rice, the dude who's going to rescue the state from Inhofe in next year's US Senate race) sees Lou Dobbs, he'll be sayin', "yo - what up ése." Makes me kind of glad I don't vote for these folks.

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