Friday, May 11, 2007

Don't you just hate bloggers?

Glenn Greenwald offers up the primo quotes.

Shorter John Yoo:
"We would have gotten away with torturing whomever we pleased had it not been for those meddling bloggers."

Shorter Joe Klein:
"Bloggers say mean things and hurt my feelings. I wish mommy would make them stop."

Shorter Jonathan Alter:
"I keep telling bloggers, 'don't try this at home.' But do they listen? No. They go out and do our reporting for us any way."

So much for the snark. As Greenwald duly notes, unlike the victims of the White House policies that Yoo was instrumental in crafting, bloggers talk back. Alter can try to whine about how we're not "professionals" like mass media journalists, but let's face it, one can hide behind the curtain of professionalism for so long before the excuses for laziness wear thin. Some of us are primarily opinion bloggers (that's my thing), whereas others such as Greenwald, Neiwert, Jamail, and Riverbend either break stories that would never have been broken or cover unique beats that the "professionals" refuse to cover from their cushy Time and Newsweek offices. As for Klein, he's just pissed because too many bloggers call bullshit on his drivel. The dude just needs to get over it.

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