Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gary Leupp on Sheehan and Bracevich

From the column, The Despair of Cindy Sheehan and Andrew Bracevich: Appropriate Disillusionment:
If there is a positive aspect to this despair, it is this very realization: the system is the problem. It has not so much "failed" us as we have failed to understand what Sheehan and Bacevich are concluding: it isn't designed to work for us but for but for them.


It serves those who vote in bipartisan fashion to further vilify and isolate Syria and Iran---the fools who do not know the first thing about Islamic history and the divisions between Shiites and Sunnis, secularists and Islamists. It serves those lining up to embrace the fear-mongering Islamophobic neocon agenda for more confrontation with the Muslim world. It serves those who fear AIPAC more than the consequences of a strike on Iran. It serves the Democrats who want to keep an attack on Iran on the table, but assure President Bush that his impeachment is off the table because it's just too radical a prospect for them to consider.

This is indeed the way the system works.
That dovetails nicely with what I was saying a few days ago. I'll merely reiterate that the Democrats are a dead-end street for anyone who is seriously anti-war. Sheehan has been building up to that epiphany since she first became a prominent anti-war spokesperson.

Leupp is also correct in noting that about the only way for the current system to even concede anything to us rabble would be if the elites perceived that the system (their very own life blood) were under severe duress. Such occurrences happen very rarely, and one may contend that arguably the US is not yet at that point in which a critical mass are sufficiently outraged to force even a pittance of substantive changes that would favor ordinary folks rather than the ruling elites.

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