Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just in case you hadn't heard:

Militia planned attack on Mexicans:
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Five members of a self-styled militia were denied bail Tuesday after a federal agent testified they planned a machine gun attack on Mexicans, but a judge approved bail for a sixth man.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Armstrong said he could not grant bail to the five because of the agent’s testimony and the amount of weapons — including about 200 homemade hand grenades — that were seized in raids Friday in northeast Alabama.
This bunch call themselves the "Alabama Free Militia" - a sort of MinuteKlan wannabe group. With all the hatred aimed at Hispanics from such fine upstanding pillars of society like Lou Dobbs, I reckon I'm not really surprised. All the same, whoever keeps seeing brown faces when they ponder terrorism are barking up the wrong tree. They really need to be looking at the white ostensibly "Christian" folks who are arming themselves to the teeth and aiming those munitions on the flavor of the month political scapegoats. Sickening.

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