Thursday, May 24, 2007

Smelling a rat:

Eli sez:
The bill about to be passed in Congress provides $100 billion for war spending, and is claimed to fund the war "through September." This being the end of May, that's four months, or $25 billion/month. But the average monthly cost of the war in 2006 was just $8.5 billion/month, one-third the amount provided in this bill. Because the war has been escalated since 2006, some increase might be expected, let's say to $10 billion/month. Based on that, the $100 billion will fund the war not for four more months, but for ten more months. The "funding the war through September" would appear to be a cover story being offered by Democrats to make their sell-out appear less craven, and nothing more.
But if nothing else, the Dems did manage to win plenty of pork. In other words, human lives will continue to be lost and shattered, but some Dem congress critters will be trying to buy their constituents' votes come the 2008 elections. Nice.

Also of note: although I've barely so much as paid a single visit to any of the big box blogs in ages (time became of the essence, and my priorities have reflected that), catnip has at least been willing to wade through the muck. Apparently the Waffling Wizard of Kos can't seem to keep straight whether to stick with the old "my party right or wrong" canard or to actually be pissed off at the very party "leaders" who have failed not only Dem partisans but the whole damned nation. Like catnip, I'm guessing that come November 2008, all will be forgiven at the Big Orange place (and blogs of similar persuasion).

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