Sunday, May 27, 2007

So Daily Kos Turns Five

Yup. Although I'm sure that there will be some manner of celebration among the big box bloggers, I'll simply shrug, and then offer up a recent medley of critical lefty and/or libertarian criticisms of The Waffling Wizard of Kos and like minded sorts:

Our Disgusting, Sickening, Impenetrable National Narcissism by Arthur Silber
kos: you broke it, you own it by catnip

While we're at it, let's enjoy an appropriate Phil Ochs classic ("Love Me, I'm a Liberal"):

Hat tip to Left I for the music.

My bottom line is this: Daily Kos, like other gated community blogs, has become mired in groupthink to an extent that there is precious little room for any substantive discussion beyond a very narrow range of "progressive" discourse. Rather than "change the world" it became abundantly clear that Kos, MyDD, et al., were more interested in becoming the establishment than offering a clear challenge to an establishment that has been decaying for far too long.

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