Saturday, May 26, 2007

To reiterate - Democrats, you've done a heck of a job

Enjoy your new colony, Iraq, which you own now every bit as much as the Rethugs against whom y'all ran last year (yeah, that blank check ya gave ol' Junior Caligula shall not be forgotten). As for some of the hype that the US might someday remove its military presence, if you believe that I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale - trust me, it's a steal. Some fodder for the cannon:
Prairie Weather catches the real news in the story, sourced as it is from leaks by "senior administration officials". The actual plan is to stay in Iraq forever. Here's the key graph of "Judy" Sanger's whole article:
The officials cautioned that no firm plans have emerged from the discussions. But they said the proposals being developed envision a far smaller but long-term American presence, centering on three or four large bases around Iraq. Mr. Bush has told recent visitors to the White House that he was seeking a model similar to the American presence in South Korea.
Let's be clear about that, shall we - Bush's plan is for more than a dozen huge bases and a constant presence numbering in the tens of thousands over more than three decades. Which is what quite a few people have been saying was Bush's real plan all along.
Of course bearing the White Man's Burden will exact a price, primarily in human blood - mostly Iraqi (which the typical American will think nothing of) as well as the 100 or so US troops per month (note that the term "coalition forces" no longer applies these days).

I'm not surprised of course, as the Dems were so easily willing to assist the Boy King's invasion of Iraq in the first place back in late 2002. I am disappointed, of course, but it's a disappointment typically reserved for a recidivist addict who's off the wagon yet again.

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