Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yup - Oklahoma is becoming more of a police state

There may be much to love about Oklahoma - I've certainly enjoyed my seven-year stay here - but the state legislature is a nightmare, especially hell-bent on passing all manner of draconian laws (the current Governor is only marginally better). Latest example:
The season finale of "24" included the implanting of a microchip in a teenager to track his whereabouts. I remember one other episode where the same thing was done.
Looks like some legislators in Oklahoma had the same idea:
Legislation that would authorize microchip implants in people convicted of violent crimes was sent back to a committee yesterday. This after state House members questioned whether the proposal would violate constitutional civil liberties.
The measure, approved by the Senate, authorizes microchip implants for persons convicted of one or more of 19 violent offenses who have to serve at least 85 percent of their sentence. (my emphasis)
The tiny electronic implants are commonly used to keep track of pets and livestock, but several House members questioned whether their forced use in people would be unconstitutionally invasive.
I'll spare the usual Thoreau and Lao Tzu quotes that would spring immediately to mind and merely ask if there is any way to cut state congressional sessions a bit shorter before these clowns do any more damage. Putting microchip implants into people (regardless of how unsavory their pasts may seem) strikes me as something more appropriate for a thousand year Reich than a supposed Constitutional republic. By the way, Oklahoma's Senate is supposedly (according to Democrat apologists) should be semi-safe from such moronic laws given that the chamber's Democrats are not yet a minority, and if the state Senate fails then the Democrat Governor should be a failsafe. Given Governor Henry's past predilection for showing his machismo on so-called "law and order" issues, I wouldn't bet the ranch on him thinking so much as a split second before signing away his constituents' civil liberties. God help us all.

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