Friday, June 22, 2007

Hitting it right on the head!

Podhoretz and Krauthammer are like Goebbels, but without the personal charm. Check it out:

Via Glenn Greenwald, here's Norman Podhoretz explaining what will happen if we bomb the hell out of Iran:

Well, if we were to bomb the Iranians as I hope and pray we will...It's entirely possible that many countries, particularly in the Middle East -- the Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, who are very worried about Iranian influence and power -- would at least secretly applaud us. And I think it's possible that other countries in Europe, for example, and elsewhere, would be relieved...

As I've said before regarding Charles Krauthammer, it would be easier not to compare these guys to Nazi propagandists if everything they said wasn't straight out of Nazi propaganda:

The future of Europe hangs on our success in the East. We are ready to defend it...There are many serious voices in Europe that have already realized this. Others still resist. That cannot influence us. If danger faced them alone, we could view their reluctance as literary nonsense of no significance. But the danger faces us all, and we must all do our share. Those who today do not understand that will thank us tomorrow on bended knees that we courageously and firmly took on the task.

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