Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Fun With the Dolchstoßlegende: National Review Cruise Edition

The following passages were culled from a post over at the Blog:
“It’s customary to say we lost the Vietnam war, but who’s ‘we’?” Dinesh D’Souza asks angrily. “The left won by demanding America’s humiliation.” On this ship, there are no Viet Cong, no three million dead. There is only liberal treachery.


Bernard Lewis: “The [2006] election in the U.S. is being seen by [the bin Ladenists] as a victory on a par with the collapse of the Soviet Union. We should be prepared for whatever comes next.”
Not to worry, as the great humanitarian Robert Bork cheerfully reminds us:
“The coverage of this war is unbelievable. Even Fox News is unbelievable. You’d think we’re the only ones dying. Enemy casualties aren’t covered. We’re doing an excellent job killing them.”
My emphasis added. The idea of being stuck on a boat for any length of time is not exactly my cup of tea to begin with. Being stuck on a boat with that bunch - I shudder to think of what that would be like.

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