Sunday, June 3, 2007

A postscript to the "spam" blog idiocy

I am apparently not the only one to have problems with the dumb fucks at Blogger, although perhaps I should count my blessing as at least Blogger/Google hasn't locked me out of my own blog (at least yet):
An email from WIIIAI:
Blogger has struck again, and decided that I run a spam blog. It may be days before they let me back in. I can't post, but I have limited control over the template, so for the time being I'll post on my archives blog, and leave links to those posts in the right-hand column of WIIIAI. The problem is that RSS users, which amount to at least 10% and for all I know half of our readers, will never see that.

But a pretty high percentage of my readers also read your blog. Could you post a notice asking my RSS readers to check the actual site and follow the links to new posts? Thanks.
At the blog Whatever It Is, I'm Against It, there is the following statement:
They locked me out of my own damn blog! I'll be posting, temporarily I hope, over on my archives blog and I'll put links to those posts right here until this is sorted out
As of today, WIIIAI is in day three of the Blogger-imposed exile. Sad thing is, while Blogger/Google has decided to harass some leftist bloggers, there are probably thousands of spamblogs that go about their sordid business unabated.

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