Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Reminder: Today is Torture Awareness Day

The 2007 observance of the Day in Support of Victims of Torture coincides with the 26th anniversary of the UN voluntary fund for victims of torture.

Today is a good day to educate yourself about torture.

Check out a DVD (Road to Guantánamo).

Visit Witness Against Torture.

Read a book.

Sign a petition.

If you're a psychologist, sign an open letter to American Psychological Association president Sharon Brehm. I signed just a while back.

Walk in some torture victims' shoes. Done? Walk in another torture victim's shoes. The root of evil is lack of empathy, hence the importance of reminding our readers that those who survive being tortured are indeed actual human beings who suffer real long-term consequences.

Finally, as Death and the Maiden reminds us, torture awareness isn't a one-day-per-year kind of thing. Do what you can on a daily basis to raise the awareness of those in your community.

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